Comverse enhances Mobile Internet HUB with DPI

February 12, 2018

Comverse has announced it’s enhancing its Mobile Internet HUB with Deep Packet Inspection (DPI), which provides detailed internet traffic management and analysis.

The upgrade enables mobile operators to better manage surging mobile data traffic, achieve optimal network performance and unlock additional revenue potential, while also helping subscribers receive the best possible quality of service for their price plan.

The Comverse Mobile Internet HUB with DPI technology provides operators with better usage visibility through real-time identification of the applications and protocols running in their network, such as browsing, streaming video and file sharing.

The DPI technology works with Mobile Internet HUB’s new “smart” traffic management to allow operators to:

· Reduce network congestion by shaping and prioritising data traffic. This can have significant beneficial impact for the experience of all mobile internet users, because high-bandwidth applications such as file sharing, which comprise a growing share of all internet traffic, can otherwise congest the network during peak hours.

· Offer segmented pricing plans based on specific applications rather than flat-rate consumption. Higher priced “gamer” plans, for instance, would give priority to downloading games versus other applications, providing premium customers with an improved experience and promoting loyalty. DPI capability also enables operators to use more granular pricing schemes. As a result, operators can offer subscribers pricing plans according to desired usage and expected performance.

· Notify subscribers about their data consumption before they exceed their monthly allotments of streaming video or other bandwidth-devouring applications and offer upgrade plans, helping to reduce the possibility of “bill shock”

· Offer dynamic, personalised control over usage, so if subscribers want to watch a live sporting event, they can request and pay for higher quality service for the specific duration.

“Smartphones, netbooks and laptops are sharply driving up mobile data traffic, and operators are facing growing challenges in their role as mobile internet service providers,” said Gabriel Matsliach, President of Products and Operations at Comverse, the world’s leading supplier of software and systems enabling value-added messaging and content services, converged billing and active customer management and IP communications.

“By providing both DPI and smart traffic management, Comverse offers operators a highly efficient and flexible way to enforce – in real time — rules created by the Mobile Internet HUB’s Service Policy Manager,” he said.

“But our truly unique value stems from Comverse’s ability to offer a broad, pre-integrated solution that includes not only policy, DPI and traffic management, but also the ability to charge for mobile internet services because of our expertise in billing and customer management.

At the same time, the Mobile Internet HUB is a modular, open-standard platform that can be easily integrated with other network elements and services.”

The DPI capability embedded in the Mobile Internet HUB is a proven technology from ipoque, a pioneer in the field.

In a recent DPI industry test, ipoque was ranked first among 15 vendors invited to participate by the European Advanced Networking Tester Center.

The test focused on the detection and regulation accuracy of file sharing, the overall performance of the solution, and the suitability for deployment in large networks.

“By using DPI, service providers can significantly improve performance for average mobile Internet users while also providing the necessary resources for heavy users,” said Hendrik Schulze, Chief Technology Officer at ipoque.

“This allows service providers to postpone unnecessary network upgrades, as well as charge subscribers only for the level of service that they requested.”

Mobile Internet HUB is part of Comverse HUB Value-Added Services, spanning voice, messaging, mobile internet and mobile advertising.

Comverse HUB is a synergistic framework that enables service providers to maximise their business performance and augment their position in the market.

At the upcoming Mobile World Congress meeting (15 to 18 February) in Barcelona, visitors are invited to Hall 8 Booth B83 to experience the Comverse Mobile Internet HUB and a wide range of Comverse demos.


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