Avanti offers emergency broadband back up

December 12, 2016

Companies losing their internet connection may become a thing of the past due to a new broadband satellite product released this week by Avanti.

Avanti’s Business Internet Connectivity (BIC) product -the first of its kind in the world – was released in conjuction with ISP NetworkFlow.

Using modified satellite broadband, BIC instantly transfers a customer’s terrestrial internet connection to satellite during any outage.

It can be used to restore a terrestrial internet connection that has failed for any reason – including the cable being cut by builders, or an electronics fault.

IP addresses are instantly preserved during the emergency transfer, enabling website identification and email servers to keep functioning.

This represents a major leap forward, as moving IP addresses previously took up to 48 hours.

With companies experiencing connectivity failure an average of twice per year – and each failure costing thousands of pounds in lost potential earnings – BIC seems like brilliant value, priced at just £50 per month.

BIC is currently available to NetworkFlow customers, with Avanti hoping to sign up more ISPs in the near future.

Avanti chief exectutive David Williams said: “Avanti is the only company in the world that can provide a truly diverse and instantaneous satellite back up facility to an internet circuit at an affordable cost.”


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