Newnet Broaden LLU Footprint

February 6, 2016

Newnet have announced the impending expansion of its LLU network with three exchanges going live over the next month, and an additional three in development.

Cosham has previously been enabled, and Havant will go live this month with Gosport intended for early March.

This is in addition to the existing, Fareham, Portsmouth Central and Portsmouth North that have previously been enabled with Newnet LLU.

Newnet have aims to push further north for March, with Reading, Basingstoke and Bracknell anticipated to go live.

One benefit of starting locally is the expenditure reductions in connecting the exchanges back to Newnet as interconnects to backhaul the traffic to the Newnet network will be less expensive.

This allows Newnet to supply a more rapid service to its customers, with fewer blockages at the exchange.

Currently, Newnet supply up to 24Meg services from these exchanges to both Consumers and Businesses.


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