Vodafone UK’s Critical Response Time Index

July 2, 2016

The second year for Vodafone UK’s Critical Response Time Index shows that up to a third of business enquiries expect a response within 2 hours, or even as low as 30 minutes with quick business emails, with the loss of business through lack of communication costing the average business £18,840.

Directly relevant to the above figures are the recent change in stress levels if business people can’t access a computer or email, with 36% saying lack of access has caused them stress, rising to 48% down in London.

This being said, mobile access seems to have become imperative to UK Business people on the move, allowing them to address small problems quickly, to get a big burden off their backs, and reducing the risk of running late, or missing potential clientele/business because they didn’t respond to an email quickly enough.

According to a recent survey conducted by Vodaphone, around 42% of workers need to answer emails when they are on the move.

23% of the 1.67m vat registered businesses in the UK are aware of how the lack of communications access could affect their business, but 23% choose to do nothing about it.


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