BT, Virgin Media support Ofcom’s Pay-TV plans

October 5, 2017

Ofcom’s plans to regulate the wholesale price that content owners can charge for premium content have taken a step forward today.

Virgin Media and BT Group, which both support the regulator’s proposals, have sent Ofcom a document outlining reasons why they believe the pay-TV market should be regulated.

The regulation of the wholesale price of content is opposed by BSkyB, which would probably have to sell its premium content for significantly less than it charges at the moment.

However, Virgin and BT believe that this would be good for consumers – and the two companies obviously stand to benefit from the lower prices too.

They also believe that the move would stimulate both competition and innovation.

BSkyB is currently spending £1.5m on a rebrand to make it more customer-friendly – including giving its logo a more rounded S!


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