18% of UK internet users do weekly shopping online

August 9, 2015

MyVoucherCodes, a UK voucher code discount site, has published the results of a survey of shopping practices. The survey revealed that 18% of UK internet users do their weekly shopping online.

Of all those questioned who said that they did their weekly shopping online, 42% came from Northern England, 36% were from Southern England, 13% came from Scotland and 9% were from Wales.

Online shoppers were asked to list what they had spent the most money on over the course of the last 12 months. The MyVoucherCodes survey revealed that 31% had bought holidays, 24% had purchased electrical items such as televisions or computers, 21% had bought a car, and 4% bought sporting equipment. The results showed that 18% now buy their weekly bread, milk, groceries and essential items online.

In an attempt to discover the reason why one site was chosen over another when making a purchase, 39% said that price was the prime factor when coming to a decision. A reliable brand attracted 26%, 19% said security of the site was important, 7% found the site through word of mouth, 5% said stock availability and 3% quoted the offer of a returns policy.


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