Timico renames recent acquisitions

June 10, 2017

Timico plans to strengthen its market position by rebranding recent acquisitions under the Timico brand name.

KeConnect and Twang.net, both acquired by Timico in recent months, are to be renamed Timico, bolstering the overall size and capabilities of the company.

Timico believes that combining the three companies under a single trading name will make Timico stronger and more innovative, enabling it to provide a better service.

Extra service enhancements provided by merging the three firms include extended opening hours for Timico’s customer service team, and online portals, giving customers immediate access to account information at any time of day.

“By combining all three companies under one brand name, it allows us to achieve a strategic aim to further increase the value of our business,” said Chris Tombs, Timico CEO.

“With a wider ranging IP network, we can now further leverage our converged services and grow the business to become [a] leading supplier of business strength IP solutions.”


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