Commission plans EU-wide telecoms market

November 13, 2015

The European Commission has released plans for a single European Union-wide telecoms market from 2018, with a new Europe-wide watchdog.

The proposed strategy, which will be discussed by the European Parliament, aims to increase competition in the telecoms market and could require former monopolies to split up their network and operations.

Some countries, including Spain and Germany, are expected to oppose the strategy, as it gives more powers to the European Commission.

The plan is designed to create more consistency in telecom regulations across the member states and to offer cheaper broadband services and phone calls from fixed line and mobile handsets.

In order to help promote regulatory consistency across Europe, the EU is proposing the creation of a new overarching EU authority, while national regulators would be given more powers and greater independence from national governments.

The Brussels-based European Telecom Market Authority would have the ultimate power to overturn national decisions.

If the proposals are approved, they would have to be adopted into national law by all the member states before taking effect.


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