BT partners with Golden Telecom

October 25, 2015

UK telecommunications company, BT, has partnered with Golden Telecom, a provider of integrated telecommunications and Internet services in Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States.

Under the terms of the partnership agreement, BT will have access to Golden Telecom’s backbone network, allowing the company to expand into Russia and worldwide.

It will improve network reliability in Russia for BT’s customers, particularly the company’s 250 corporate customers in the region, where local markets are developing rapidly, providing many business opportunities.

The deal will also benefit Golden Telecom, giving the company access to BT’s 21 Century Network, an extensive, end-to-end IP-based network, providing access to global Information and Communications Technologies services.

Golden Telecom provides voice, data and Internet services to corporations, operators and individuals using its metropolitan overlay networks in major Russian cities, and also via leased channels and fibre optic and satellite-based networks.


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