Orange to sell handsets in HMV stores

May 1, 2017

Orange has announced plans to sell handsets in HMV’s network of music and video stores.

The operator said working with HMV will enable it to better reach its target demographic.

“Moving beyond mobile and into media and entertainment is a key part of our future,” said Orange CEO Tom Alexander.

Alexander pioneered the selling of mobile phones in entertainment stores whilst he was head of Virgin Mobile.

Orange will initially launch phone outlets in 15 HMV stores across Scotland.

If the pilot proves successful, it plans to sell phones in another 100 HMV stores across the UK by Christmas.

Simon Fox, HMV CEO, said: “I am delighted to welcome Orange into our stores – our brands reflect a shared passion for bringing entertainment content to life, and complement each other well.”

Recent research by ELSPA and Chart-Track found that Orange is the number one UK mobile operator for mobile game sales.


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