Symena and Vienna University research LTE

July 18, 2016

Symena and the Institute of Communications and Radio-Frequency Engineering (INTHFT) will co-operate closely on the investigation and further development of Automatic Cell Planning (ACP) functionality for the Long Term Evolution (LTE) standard of 3GPP.

Symena’s Capesso(tm) LTE is the first ACP for LTE.

INTHFT is part of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Information Technology at the Vienna University of Technology.

LTE makes it possible for the strategic investigation of all of the major LTE technologies and their impact on network engineering.

Capesso LTE uses existing data from GSM, CDMA and UMTS networks so that realistic LTE designs can be quickly developed, investigated and compared with other technologies.

It more useful than a dimensioning tool as it is a full function ACP it can be utilized to work out the best middle ground between cost and coverage, as well as system quality and capacity.

“LTE is a rapidly evolving standard,” said, Dr Thomas Neubauer, Managing Director of Symena. “To stay in the lead we need to understand the impact of changes to the technology on our customers’ future business.

Working with the INTHFT gives us access to leading edge research and understanding in critical and rapidly developing areas such as MIMO simulation and field measurements, fractional frequency reuse, traffic localisation techniques and their advanced LTE link level simulator.”

Symena released the world first ACP for LTE, Capesso(tm) LTE, in March 2016.

About Symena

Symena’s Capesso(tm) range of automatic cell planning and other tools deliver significantly improved coverage, quality and capacity with reduced expenditure. This promise depends on Symena’s leading edge knowledge of the latest standards and technologies combined with deep and extensively tested automatic cell planning expertise.

About Institute Of Communications And Radio-Frequency Engineering (INTHFT)

The INTHFT’s research focuses on mobile communications, optical communications, radio-frequency engineering, rapid prototyping, and signal processing.

Projects range from fundamental research to the design of hardware demonstrators.

Many projects are carried out in close cooperation with advanced industrial partners and/or in the framework of international projects and programmes.



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