Nokia 6210 in stormy Far East waters

May 28, 2017

SK Telecom, which planned to start selling Nokia mobile phones, is rumoured to be reconsidering the proposition after rival KTF was inundated with bad customer reviews.

The Korea Times reported that Nokia phone sales have been sluggish since KTF first offered them to the Japanese and Korean market in April, due to a large amount of poor mobile reviews of the 6210 Nokia mobile device.

An SK Telecom official, which is the largest mobile provider in South Korea, said that rumours are exaggerated, and that testing on the networking interfaces is taking a bit longer than initially expected.

However, while he added that the company expects to work with Nokia for a long period of time, he also mentioned that the 6210 would not be the last and only Nokia handset released by 2018, hinting it may be passed by on an individual basis.

The Nokia 6210 is essentially a reproduction of the Nokia 6210 Navigator simply without a navigation function.


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