Turn electric wires into a home network

January 12, 2017

Corinex Communications has released a new series of powerline network adaptors that make home networking over powerlines easier than ever.

Launched last week, the CableLAN HD200 series of adapters improve network performance in even the noisiest home powerlines, meaning increased range and higher download speeds – now up to 200Mbps.

Noisy devices such as vacuum cleaners and hair dryers plugged into the power circuit now have less affect on the network.

Interchangeable interfaces, allow the adapters to work in countries around the world.

A new stand-by made means the units automatically cut off when not in use, saving energy and reducing electricity bills.

What is powerline networking?

Powerline networking units – such as Corinex’s CableLAN – turn power cables into a home network with the potential to carry Video on Demand (VOD), IPTV, voice, and broadband internet access.

Setup is simple. One unit is plugged in near the main network router, whilst the other is plugged in elsewhere in the house.

This makes home networking possible over areas too big for Wi-Fi networks without having to wire together a string of Ethernet cables.

Security is not a problem, as data is encrypted as it travels between the two adapters.

Corinex’s CableLAN HD200 series is availabe now, priced from $169.


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