Alvarion trials 4Motion solution

June 25, 2016

Alvarion Ltd, the provider of WiMAX™ and wireless broadband solutions, today announced the successful trial of its end-to-end 4Motion® solution and 802.16e BreezeMAX® RAN (radio access network) platform by the Industrial Technology Research Institute Campus (ITRI) in Hsinchu, Taiwan.

Following extensive indoor lab tests, ITRI and Alvarion achieved sector handover at up to 80 km/hour while performing mobile usage test scenarios with VoIP, video streaming, IPTV and document exchange applications at data rates exceeding 12 Mbps.

Taiwan’s government selected the WiMAX technology for executing its M-Taiwan national program. ITRI and the WiMAX Forum® established the M-Taiwan WiMAX Application Lab (MTWAL) – a proof-of-concept (PoC) lab at the ITRI campus in Hsinchu – for the purpose of testing and developing innovative Mobile WiMAX applications.

Alvarion was selected as the sole supplier of WiMAX equipment for the lab because it was the only vendor able to meet ITRI’s timeline and stringent requirements for Mobile WiMAX equipment.

Testing also included the expansion of network coverage throughout the Hsinchu Science Park, National Chiao Tung University, and National Tsing Hua University.

A very high performance was maintained over 18 sectors along 6 km of road with seamless sector and base station handover at up to 80 km/hour and enhanced user experience.

About ITRI

The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is a non-profit R&D organization engaging in applied research and technical service.

Founded in 1973, ITRI has played a vital role in transforming Taiwan’s economy from a labor-intensive model to a high-tech industrial one.

ITRI is a multidisciplinary research center.

It has six core laboratories, five focus centers, five linkage centers, several business development units, and other supporting units.

ITRI has 6,000 employees, and serves as the technical center for industry and an unofficial arm of the government’s industrial policies in Taiwan.

Apart from its headquarters located in Taiwan, ITRI has branch offices in Silicon Valley, Tokyo, Berlin, and Moscow.

About Alvarion

Alvarion is a WiMAX proviider ensuring customers’ fixed and mobile solutions for the full range of frequency bands.

Based on its OPEN™ WiMAX strategy, the company offers wireless broadband infrastructure and an all-IP ecosystem in cooperation with its strategic partners.


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