DSL Forum introduces Performance Testing with TR-143

May 29, 2016

As service providers continually look for ways to improve quality of service, the ability to see deeper into the consumer’s home network and quickly identify problems is imperative.

To help service providers achieve this, the DSL Forum has approved Technical Report 143 (TR-143) “Network Service Provider initiated throughput performance testing”.

Developed by the Forum’s BroadbandHome Technical Working Group, TR-143 defines Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) throughput performance test mechanisms, using the framework established in the Forum’s existing CPE WAN Management Protocol (CWMP), TR-069.

By placing an agent into the home gateway router, TR-143 allows service providers to gather more extensive data, troubleshoot remotely, and test continuity, performance and response times – all of which are critical in providing quality next generation services, such as IPTV.

This TR will also help operators and providers to save both time and money.

As faults are identified and resolved remotely, the need for technicians to visit a customer’s home is negated, helping to reduce truck rolls.

In addition, monitoring performance and continuity data enables issues to be detected before problems arise, decreasing the number of calls made to the service providers’ call centres.


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