RadioFrame releases OmniRadio for LTE and WiMax

May 15, 2016

RadioFrame released its OmniRadio™ processor in 2015 which was the first silicon solution produced exclusively for the femtocell market.

OmniRadio is the industry’s only combined 2G/3G femtocell currently available.

RadioFrame’s upgradeable platform solution allows wireless networks to implement femtocells in 2G, 3G and 4G networks and upgrade those same femtocells.

The second generation OmniRadioTM processor will provide solutions that will enable triple play voice, media and high speed data applications.

It promises good performance-to-cost ratio in one chip, which can utilize 2G, 3G and now LTE and WiMAX networks. OmniRadio™ is designed as a multi-processor platform with an ARM core and signal processing capabilities.

In addition it incorporates “on-chip” memory for run-time code execution at all levels. It also incorporates RFN’s applications for packet synchronization that exceed ETSI standards.

ABI Research has named RadioFrame as the most innovative femtocell vendor.

RadioFrame was highly rated for cost advantages, scalability, plug and play capabilities, service security, solution maturity, and other areas.

ABI believes that there will be in excess of 100 million femtocell users worldwide in three years.

The company’s picocell and femtocell base stations are integrated into Nokia Siemens networking equipment, and also Orange’s European wireless network.


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