Broadband prices down 36% in UK

February 2, 2016

According to price comparison site, uSwitch, average broadband prices in the UK have fallen 36 per cent in the last four years.

In 2004, the average price of a 0.5Bbps connection was £27. Now an 8Mbps connection costs £17 per month on average.

Orange’s standalone 8Mbps package is currently the most expensive broadband offering, at £20 per month, while Plusnet offers the cheapest 8Mbps connection at just £10 a month.

Virgin Media is the leader as far as connection speed is concerned. The cable company currently offers a top speed of 20Mbs and is planning to roll out 50Mbps connections to nine million UK households by the end of the year.

BT is also set to boost broadband in the UK with its 21CN which should be available to 10 million households by the end of the year.

uSwitch estimates that around 15 million UK households spend a total of over £3bn on broadband. Broadband analyst Point Topic expects this to reach 19 million by 2012


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