Vodafone feels heat of mobile broadband competition

November 5, 2016

Vodafone has noticed the mobile broadband competition hotting up this week with new lower-priced deals from O2, BT, 3 and Virgin Mobile.

Joining the price war, Vodafone has lowered the cost of its mobile broadband packages to £10 and £15 a month for its 3GB and 5GB data packages.

The small print, however, warns that the new lower prices only last for the first three months of new contracts, after which they return to the usual £15 and £25 per month.

Existing customers are unable to take advantage of the new price scheme.

Coinciding with the repricing, Vodafone has launched a new USB modem dongle with faster download speeds and 4GB of integrated memory.

The USB Stick Pro is free for new customers signing up for 18 and 24 month contracts on the 5GB download limit package.

Download speeds on the stick are estimated to vary between 1Mbps and 5Mbps, with upload speeds of around 1Mbps.

Michael Phillips, mobile broadband analyst at broadbandchoices.co.uk, said although Vodafone’s technology is cutting-edge, it’s contract prices are less exciting.

Other providers, such as 3 still offer more for your money, Phillips added.

Vodafone’s price discounts are available for a limited time only.


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