Interoute increases network capacity in Europe

November 3, 2017

Interoute has increased the capacity of its core IP network in Europe by 9.5 Terabits, through the deployment of Juniper Networks MX Series Ethernet service routers.

IP traffic on Interoute’s network has doubled every 12 months, with increased demand from ISPs, content providers and enterprise customers, as well as growth in rich multimedia content.

Broadband growth in emerging markets, such as Hungary and Poland, has also led to increased traffic.

Matthew Finnie, Interoute’s CTO said: “Interoute, with this upgrade, has added over 9.5 Terabits of capacity to Europe’s Internet, improving the quality, experience and availability of Europe’s Internet whilst maintaining the sophisticated mix of security, predictability and scale required by enterprises for critical IT infrastructure services, including computing, communication and connectivity.”

Last month Interoute announced the expansion of its network in Moscow, due to growth in the number of enterprises seeking connectivity.


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