Purple Labs and Openwave Move On Standards

August 8, 2016

Purple Labs, software provider for mass-market mobile phones, and Openwave Systems Inc. provider of revenue-generating personalised services, announced today a joint testing programme, whereby both companies confirm their commitment to open standards and interoperability.

Purple Labs will continue to test its newly acquired messaging and browser software against Openwave servers, in order to assist customers of both companies with their own portfolio planning.

On June 30th, the companies announced that Purple Labs acquired the Openwave mobile phone software business for $32m, which develops and markets browser and messaging technologies.

These messaging and browser products are some of the most widely used around the world and have been utilised in over 1.5 billion mobiles so far.

The deal gave Purple software code customers software license fees and related engineering services, and patents which had generated $11 million for Openwave in the first quarter of this year.

Purple Labs now supplies mobile browser software to all of the top 5 phone manufacturers, which together produce over 80% of the world’s mobile phones.

Openwave makes its money from several Advertising solutions, including Advertising Broker that allows operators to source advertisements and content from multiple advertising networks.

They also have a Contextual Advertising Solution (CAS) and a Contextual Merchandising system, as well as their Profiling and Personalization System (OPPS),

They have multiple messaging products including IP Voicemail, Voice MMS, Video Voicemail, and Smart Call Services that give clients control over how they send and receive calls.

Mobile Email services include Email MX and Rich Mail a centralised hub for revenue generating services.

About Purple Labs

Purple Labs is the only independent software vendor with a complete Linux solution for mass-market 3G phones.

The Purple Labs Linux Suite enables phone manufacturers to replace their legacy operating systems with a flexible and scalable Linux platform, accelerating development of feature-rich 3G phones while reducing investment.

Building on its European presence in France and the UK, Purple Labs recently expanded into Asia, with new offices in Beijing, China and Seoul, South Korea.

About Openwave

Openwave Systems Inc. are providers of software applications and infrastructure designed to enable revenue-generating, personalised services, including merchandising and advertising, which converge the mobile and broadband experience across all of a user’s devices.

As the communications industry intersects with the Internet, Openwave software enables service providers to converge services, increasing the value of their networks by accelerating time to market and reducing the cost and complexity associated with new service deployment.

Openwave’s product portfolio provides a complete range of service management, messaging, and location technologies.

Openwave is a global company headquartered in Redwood City, California.


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