Vultures circle T-Mobile pickings

June 2, 2017

T-Mobile UK is up for restructure this month and a host of mobile companies are circling around, ready to pick up the T-Mobile Market if the new boss is unable to turn around the network which is losing position in the mobile market.

Orange has been rumoured to approach T-Mobile UK but was turned away by T-Mobile’s parent company, the German Deutsche Telekom.

Duetsche Telekom actually began the rumours of acquisition however when it reduced the T-Mobile UK business value to a low £3.3 billion.

Vodafone also has been circulating in the rumour mill as swapping its Turkish business side for the T-Mobile UK business but Vodafone sources have denied the rumours.

In the past, Duetsche Telkom shareholders, the German Government and Blackstone, have entertained thoughts of selling T-Mobile UK but have decided to give a new executive chief UK Richard Moat a chance to rebuild the fledgling company.


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