Market research highlights smartphone gaming preference

February 20, 2016

Magmic Games and Information Solutions Group (ISG) have conducted market research which shows that 90% of consumers of mobile entertainment products on smartphones, believe that this type of device gives them a superior gaming experience to traditional handsets.

The survey also showed that playing games on smartphones such as Blackberry devices, is becoming the most popular method of gaming for these users compared with other gaming platforms.

Over half of those surveyed said that they played games on their smartphones more than on other platforms such as computers or games consoles.

An impressive 91% of respondents who expressed a preference for playing games on a smartphone, said they were unlikely to switch back to a traditional feature phone for entertainment products. The most popular games were puzzle games such as Tetris.

Magmic Games believes that the survey underlines the importance of smartphones in the mobile entertainment market, suggesting that a good gaming experience is a critical factor in product adoption and loyalty.

Over 3,750 consumers who purchased entertainment products for smartphones were surveyed, with 83% of respondents falling within the 22-49 age range.


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