Mobifone boosts network with AIRCOM apps

June 25, 2016

The collaboration between established network consultancy group, AIRCOM, and Vietnamese telecommunications corporation, Mobifone, has just been announced, with AIRCOM to aid Mobifone in tracking performance of their mobile network.

Mobifone have purchased the rights to two major applications from AIRCOM’s ENTERPRISE 6.0 tool suite, DIRECT and OPTIMA.

Currently Mobifone holds the position of largest Vietnamese network operator, with over 8.5 million subscribers.

The company has so far implemented OPTIMA to aid in managing their multi vendor and technology platform.

The OPTIMA tool is made up of 12 integrated software modules, which allow Mobifone to track any network issues, and even alert a company’s engineers to any possible network issues.

Regional MD for AIRCOM in Asia, Nick Brown, spoke about the excitement within the company at being able to expand further in the Asia-Pacific region.

Brown also stated how happy AIRCOM was to be able to pair up with Mobifone, and offer the network operator the advantage gained from AIRCOM’s experience in the field.

Mobifone will be using AIRCOM’s network optimisation tool, DIRECT, which will give the telecommunications corporation the ability to integrate transmission data from all over their network into one singular database.

Along with the transmission access and core planning tool, AIRCOM is signed on to train Mobifone engineers in the use of the systems, so as to provide fluid transition and network integration.

Brown went on to commend Mobifone for its continued expansion since the company’s creation 14 years ago, and for being the first Vietnamese operator to implement the GSM 900/1800 network.

Brown closed by saying AIRCOM was very happy to be a part of maintaining such high standards in Mobifone’s pioneering network.


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