UK leads the world in media technology

November 24, 2016

New research has discovered that Britain is leading the world at using new technologies such as mobile broadband and digital television.

Telecoms regulator Ofcom has reported that Britain has more digital TVs and recorders per household than any other country.

Eighty six percent of households now use a digital TV for their main set, nine percentage points higher than last year.

This is compared to 70% of households in the US with digital TV installed.

Furthermore, the UK is second only to the US when it comes to time spent surfing online, with the average British user spending 839 minutes per week on the internet.

Three quarters of people engage in ‘media stacking’ – watching TV and surfing the net at the same time.

Ofcom’s report also highlights how consumers are becoming increasingly savvy at choosing the best value deals for media packages.

This has made the market more competitive than ever, with providers now bundling three or four services into a single package.

Competition also means that British consumers pay less for broadband, TV and mobile phones than consumers in other countries.

Mobile growth is slowing in the UK as the market now has 100% saturation, meaning that there are as many mobile phones in the country as there are people.

Voice data still accounts for the majority of mobile operator revenues, although revenues from mobile data services are growing five times faster.


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