ISP’s warning letters could scare customers away

April 15, 2017, the consumer information site, has released details of its latest survey, which shows that nearly a quarter of customers of UK internet service providers (ISPs) have received a warning about excessive broadband usage.

The survey gathered information from 557 customers.

Of these, over 45% said that if they received such a warning letter, they would switch to a different ISP, while only 13% said they would definitely stay with the same provider.

The results should act as a warning to ISPs that they need to improve the way they communicate contract terms to their customers.

It seems that the message still isn’t getting across to some people that they need to keep an eye on the amount they download, and with more and more people using services such as iPlayer, the situation looks set to continue.

ISPreview UK’s Editor and Founder, Mark Jackson, said, “consumers need to remain mindful of any limits imposed by their ISP, especially where specific usage allowances or a vague Fair Usage Policy (FUP) has been applied.

“Failing to do so could land you in hot water with your ISP and potentially result in a service restriction or added costs.”


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