WiFiMobile connects Nokia phones via PBX

June 15, 2015

VoIP provider WiFiMobile has announced its innovative Enterprise Solution which enables a Nokia mobile phone to be used as an extension to any SIP compliant corporate PBX system.

The product is an easy, scalable solution for businesses whatever their size.

The software enables mobile workers to use their mobile phones as a PBX extension to the corporate private branch exchange system. This allows them to use the corporate WLAN network for both data and telephony.

The phone is connected to the PBX via either a Wi-Fi link or a 3G connection to the Internet. All calls made to an employee’s extension number are routed to the employee’s mobile device, wherever they happen to be.

Similarly, the employee can dial another extension number without having to dial the main corporate number.

With oneFone’s ‘Presence’ an employee can access the company’s contact database, select the number they require and call it by simply pressing one button on the phone.

The system means that all calls made from WiFiMobile extensions are under the control of the corporate IT Manager. All outgoing calls are made as if they originated from the PBX and use the normal low cost trunk lines from the PBX.


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