Aspen Optics sees huge potential from “100Mbit Nations”

September 3, 2016

It is no longer a race to achieve Fibre to the Home (FTTH), the new industry race is to achieve Fibre to Every Home (FTEH), and not only in every home but also to make that connection much faster than what is available now.

The US and several EU countries have made it clear that they want 100Mbits to become the new standard speed to help boost business and technological advancement.

Aspen Optics believes that the time is right for expanding its sales and distribution networks in international markets to help speed up Fibre to Every Premise (FTEP).

They consider that many national governments are now becoming very much aware that optical broadband will become an indicator of a nation’s competitiveness, and that they need to become a “100Mbits Nation” to achieve this competitive edge.

They are launching an open platform tool known as “Aspen Optical Ethernet Configurator”, to assist engineers to speed up fibre network connection and realize FTEP.

Aspen Optics claims that this is a highly cost effective and fast solution that can assist SI, ISP and telecom operators by making fibre connection an automatic and accurate function.

Possible next President of the USA, Barack Obama, was a co-sponsor of a next generation broadband resolution and had expressed the view that that America should lead the world in broadband penetration and make it affordable to promote technological benefits for consumers, democratic discourse and economic growth.

The US accounts for 10% of the worlds FTTH households, but still ranks well below, Korea, Hong Kong and Japan in terms of penetration

Aspen Optics believes it is well placed to be at the forefront of the potentially huge market for 100Mbits delivery with its MetroBlazer media converters, concentrators, CPE and distribution switches.

They are currently making an aggressive expansion in Europe, in countries where the governments are seeking to move up to being 100Mbit Nation.

The city of Vienna was the first place to voice its commitment to 100Mbit back in 2005, although France has become the most progressive nation in Europe seeking fast connections.

In July, BT stated its commitment to fast internet FTTH for the UK, in Dubai it is now a standard requirement for all new construction, and other progressive nations such as Bahrain and Qatar are about to follow suit.


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