BroadLight and Jungo residential gateway software

September 10, 2017

BroadLight and Jungo Ltd have teamed up to provide Jungo’s residential gateway software, OpenRG, with access to the BL2348 GPON System on Chip by Broadlight.

The integration of the chip into the residential gateway software will allow for home gateway platforms on different networks, so that fibre network deployments can be gradually made worldwide.

It also will ease the rate of GPON development and rollouts so that digital home services can be provided via fibre networks.

At the same time, the new Jungo platform when equipped with the Broadlight chip will benefit FTTH ARPU while also reducing the costs that are associated with gateway development.

The newly integrated residential gateway will offer carrier-class VoIP, virtual private networks that are equipped with firewalls, intelligent data routing with QoS, and support for several LAN technologies at the same time such as WiFi, Ethernet, and USB.

It also will give service providers and manufacturers flexibility as they bring new products into the marketplace.

VP of Business Development and Product Management of BroadLight Doron Tal said that the new partnership with Jungo created a platform that is versatile in nature by allowing FTTH service and high speed digital to come together within a home network.

FTTH is quickly becoming the hot topic among developers and service providers and will be discussed further in depth at the FTTH China Conference 2017

Founder and VP Marketing of Broadlight Didi Ivancovsky stated that China is moving towards becoming the largest PON markets in the world.


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