LG aims to boost market share in recession

December 15, 2016

Handset maker LG Electronics (LGE) plans to release more than 25 new models in the Taiwan market next year, 80% of which will incorporate 3G functionality.

Finsen Chen, LGE Taiwan’s vice president of telecom business, said the handsets will be released with the aim of capturing a 12% market share, up from 10% this year.

LGE is pushing ahead with the strategy despite market deterioration.

Handset sales in Taiwan have dropped off significantly since November, and are expected to continue to decline next year.

Annual sales of mobile phones will fall to around 6.5 million this year, plummeting to under 6 million next year.

LGE this month launched five new handsets, including the KC910 8 megapixel cameraphone, the KB770 touchscreen mobile TV handset, and the KC266T CDMA phone.

Among the handsets scheduled for launch next year is LGE’s second edition Prada smartphone.


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