Orange combines home and mobile broadband

November 26, 2016

Network operator Orange has unveiled a new broadband package that includes both home and mobile connections for £20 per month.

Customers signing up for the package receive 8mbps ADSL home broadband, a free wireless router, and free evening and weekend calls from their landline.

In addition, they receive a free USB dongle for internet access on the go, and a 3GB monthly mobile broadband download allowance.

Analysts believe Orange’s new package could shake up the pricing structure of mobile broadband.

O2 and Vodafone both charge £15 per month solely for mobile broadband with a 3GB download limit.

Asif Aziz, Orange’s director of broadband and home, said the package was designed to meet the needs of the ’21st century customer’ whilst providing ‘best value for money’.

Minimum contract length for customers signing up to the deal is 18 months.

Orange has also announced a new pay-as-you-go mobile broadband service.

Customers joining the PAYG service will pay a one off fee of £49.99 for a mobile broadband dongle, then £20 for each month of usage on the service.


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