Delta Networks planning a series of acquisitions

March 11, 2016

Hong Kong-based Delta Networks, a subsidiary of Delta Electronics, is planning to continue its current growth into the future through a number of acquisitions. The company is currently carrying out a feasibility study into the acquisition plans.

According to Delta’s chairman and CEO, Sam Liang, the company is planning to target Taiwan-based network equipment manufacturers, as well as other start up companies in the telecommunications industry who have developed new product applications and other new technologies.

Ultimately, the acquisitions will be undertaken with the aim of increasing sales volumes. Delta Networks was first floated on the stock market in mid-2015, and by the end of the year the company had a cash position of US$250 million. After tax profits for the year were US$31.45 million on revenues of US$418 million.

In 2016 the company is planning to start shipping 802.11n products, and will start the production of carrier grade wireless telecommunications equipment including high frequency antennas, integrated access devices (IADs) and base stations.


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