E-Plus Mobilfunk and Alcatel-Lucent extend partnership

October 19, 2015

German based E-Plus Mobilfunk has extended it’s contract with Alcatel-Lucent from three to five years.

Alcatel-Lucent will continue to maintain and expand the Mobilfunk network during this time.

The initial deal which only started in March of this year saw Alcatel-Lucent take over the running of the operational business units.

The OPUs are responsible for maintenance, expansion and running of E-Plus Mobilfunk’s network.

The deal saw approximately 750 employees transferred from E-Plus Mobilfunk to Alcatel-Lucent.

The renewed deal comes after the transition period was completed early in October, this means processes such as IT systems for network management and replacement part acquisition for the network are now handled by Alcatel.

E-plus Mobilefunk is the third largest mobile communications provider in Germany and has over one point three million subscribers. The company operates under several names BASE for it’s flat rate subscribers and Simyo for prepay users.


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