Government launches broadband speed review

February 22, 2016

The government has launched an independent review of the UK’s communications infrastructure. The review will investigate barriers to rolling out high speed, next-generation broadband networks in the UK, which are considered vital to the nation’s economic health.

The Government wants the UK to be in a position where it is able to respond to future technology development, which means ensuring that an excellent communications infrastructure and regulatory framework is in place.

The review will consider whether the public sector should help minimise the cost of investment to the private sector and whether Ofcom has adequate powers to regulate high speed access.

It will also consider barriers to telecommunications suppliers, content providers and others in the industry, collaborating on investment.

The Broadband Stakeholders Group has been invited to investigate whether it is financially viable to deploy fibre to the home without first deploying fibre to the cabinet (backhaul).

The review will be led by Francesco Caio, the vice chairman of investment bank Lehman Brothers, and will report to the Government in the autumn. It will complement Ofcom’s review on next generation access.


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