ECI sign Costa Rica deal to corner local market

August 28, 2016

ECI Telecom has scored another big goal in its quest for worldwide domination of the networking infrastructure solutions market.

It has signed up Radiográfica Costarricense S.A. (RACSA), who is the main Costa Rican telecom and internet provider in the Central American country.

RACSA is seeking to widen its ECI’s XDM Multi-Service Provisioning Platform (MSPP) and is looking to ECI to combine SDH, Ethernet switching and WDM on a single, converged platform.

RACSA has opted for rapid expansion as an antidote to increased competition in Costa Rica.

It wants to jump heavily onto the data services bandwagon, as well as add video and voice services for its eager customers.

RACSA issued an open RFP to leading equipment vendors to provide transport offerings to support its existing and future networks.

ECI’s service was chosen from the various tenders offered.

RACSA considered that ECI offered the most cost effective bid when taking into consideration its single platform XDM MSPP requirements.

With the new deal, ECI has now managed to sign up the two largest carriers in the Central American country, more or less cornering the local market.


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