Next Generation Network built in Ukraine by Comstar

January 26, 2016

Comstar United TeleSystems, which is a combined telecommunications operator in Russia and the CIS alliance, has signed an agreement with Cisco for the delivery of equipment to build NGN multi-service network in Ukraine.

Kvazar Mikro, a subsidiary of Sitronics, will act as a sub-contractor for the installation and launch of the network.

Comstar United Telesystems is engaged in providing integrated telecommunication solutions in Russia. The company provides a range of telecom solutions such as voice, data transfer, video-conferencing to broadband Internet, both fixed and wireless, CATV, call-centres and VPNs.

The tender for the delivery of equipment to build and modernise the backbone transportation network in Ukraine and city multi-service communications networks in Kiev and Odessa was completed in December 2015

The project is expected to be launched in the second quarter of 2016, following the installation of a Cisco hub router and backbone router and also aggregation and network management equipment.

The backbone network equipment will be installed in service centres in Kiev and Odessa, and will join both networks. Other cities will be added to the backbone infrastructure in the future.

Comstar plans to provide its private clients with Triple Play services and its corporate clients with virtual private networks, telephony, high speed broadband, based on multi-service city networks.

Comstar United TeleSystems primarily operates in Russia, Ukraine, Armenia and Greece. It is headquartered in Moscow and employs 19,260 people.


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