Customers still unhappy with ISP service

May 19, 2017

O2 was recognised as one of the best broadband Internet Service Providers (ISPs) according to a survey issued by BroadbandChoices, which appears to be quite a feat given the problems that most people report from their ISPs.

A recent survey from ISPreview showed that only 36.6% of ISP users surveyed felt that their ISP’s customer service was good, while 29.7% reported that support was too slow and a staggering 45.7% felt ISP support was unhelpful.

O2 received an outstanding average of 86% approval in all categories used to rank providers by BroadbanChoices, including sales support which is where most ISPs failed according to both surveys.’s editor, Mark Jackson, remarked that many ISP users are frustrated with the customer service they receive, which he attributed to outsourcing by major companies who do not properly train outsourced employees, choosing to give them a script instead.

Jackson went on to comment that the smaller ISPs often have the best support, but spend extra on hiring only IT professionals who are trained to help customers.

The product director of BroadbandChoices, Michael Phillips, also stated that with each passing year the largest amount of complaints that are heard from consumers relate to bad customer support.

Plusnet and Virgin Media also received a few awards from BroadbandChoices with larger companies such as AOL, Orange, and Pipex receiving very low consumer approval.


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