Motorola and Bolloré Télécom trial WiMax in Paris

October 19, 2015

French based Bolloré Télécom has partnered with mobile communications firm Motorola in order to trial WiMax technology in the French capital.

The trial aims to aid Bolloré Télécom as it designs its WiMax system. The eventual aim will be to create a nomadic broadband service in France which uses the WiMax technology.

Bolloré Télécom currently hold twelve WiMax licences across France.

The network which operates in the 3.5 GHz band and complies with IEEE standard 802.16e-2005, has already been installed as is already active.

The network has already been installed at two Bolloré locations by Motorola, this will allow the firm to test the performance of the system, and prepare for its commercial launch.


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