Swisscom offers hotel Smartphone WiFi service

November 26, 2017

Swisscom has become the first company to offer a Smartphone WiFi service that can be fully integrated with a hotel’s property management system.

The service will allow guests to update their email, Podcasts, music and video libraries, without incurring roaming charges, while hotel operators will be able promote their own services through their guests’ handsets.

Users of the new service can connect to the Internet in just three clicks and then can stay connected for 24 hours at a time.

If a guest leaves the hotel, he is automatically re-connected when he returns.

Leo Brand, CEO of Swisscom Hospitality Services, said: “In addition to providing connectivity to the guest, we can assist hotels in promoting their own services through customized applications.

“We are actively working with hotel chains on specific applications as well as on new, competitive functionalities for both hoteliers and guests to leverage the numerous possibilities of employing Smartphones in the hotel space.”

Swisscom Hospitality Services is a subsidiary of Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd, which recently announced it has increased the customer base for its IPTV service ‘Bluewin TV’ by 96% in the year to September 2017.


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