Orange goes under a fiver for mobile broadband

August 6, 2017

Orange announced the lowest mobile broadband monthly tariff yet to hit the UK marketplace, at only £4.89 a month for the Internet Everywhere service.

The service allows for 500Mb each month with a connection speed that can reach up to 3.6Mb/s.

Those who agree to the contract, which is for 18 months, will get an additional perk that comes in the form of a free Huawei E160e dongle.

Even the dongle has its own perk, as subscribers can choose one in white, pink, or black.

Orange also has a friendly budget alternative to those who want more access, with its “Early Bird” tariffs that allow customers to access unlimited mobile broadband usage from the hours of 12 midnight to 9am.

They also can download up to 1GB, 3GB, or 10GB depending on the contract they choose which start at £13 a month. The contracts carry a sign up minimum of 12 months.

This is good news for those who are afraid to go over their download limits.

UK mobile broadband usage policies have been under investigation lately after a survey found that 02 users can potentially open themselves up to over-usage charges of up £200 per GB for exceeding download limits.

Orange helps guard against this result by alerting customers when they are getting close to their usage limit. They also have a cap on extra charges of £40 per month for over-usage.

Asif Aziz, the director of broadband at Orange stated that the company is dedicated to giving its customers the best value for mobile broadband access available on the market.


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