Centennial Wireless expand into All-IP Network

August 26, 2016

Redback Networks Inc., are a highly reputable company who strive to develop IP based routers and switches, and have a worldwide coverage in excess of 75 percent, mainly due to being able to brand themselves as an Ericsson company.

A recent announcement revealed that both Centennial Wireless, established back in 1988, and Redback Networks Inc., will enter into an agreement which will see the incorporation of the Redback SmartEdge® multi-service edge routers, into Centennial Wireless, which already includes Ericsson Mobile Packet Backbone Network solutions.

Centennial’s aim is to develop and distribute an increased IP infrastructure, which will have the stability to support the like of standards-based development to the next generation all-IP, which will be helped along with the incorporation of the SmartEdge router products from Redback Networks Inc.

The move to all-IP has been anticipated for quite a while, and is expected to reduce CAPEX and OPEX spending liabilities, not to mention an increase in quality services.

Of course, the main aim for all parties from the development is to introduce a new form of IP transport which will include Mobile Softswitch and WCDMA traffic.

Centennial announced the partnership agreement after careful consideration, and agreeing that the SmartEdge products would be both the simple and best product in terms of functionality for the job, and represents a good percentage of market saturation for Redback.


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