Half of broadband users unhappy with speed

June 15, 2017

Nearly half of Britain’s broadband users are unhappy with the speed of their connections.

In a recent poll by uSwitch.com, only 52% of broadband customers said they are happy with the download speed they receive from their Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Almost seven million users, 45% of those polled, said they’d like their broadband speed to be faster.

Despite the widespread discontent, over a third (34%) of broadband users are unaware of the speed they should be receiving, whilst 44% have never checked the actual speed of their connection.

Recent research by Ofcom found that just 3% of households signed up to an 8Mbps package actually receive this speed, whilst one in five households on the same package receive a download speed slower than 2Mbps.

“Consumers cannot assume anything about their broadband service,” said Jason Glynn, uSwitch.com communications expert.

“They cannot be certain that they are getting the speed advertised by their provider – it is down to them to check.

“If customers are not satisfied they should contact their broadband company to discuss their concerns and to ensure they are not paying for a service they cannot receive.”


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