VoIP services for channel partners launched by Teleappliant

May 15, 2016

London-based Telappliant provides a comprehensive Internet telephony product and solutions portfolio backed by the ultimate in performance and reliability via a fusion of technology and a team of dedicated professionals.

The company has launched its Insight portal, designed exclusively for channel partners to resell innovative and flexible VoIP services quickly, easily and cheaply to their customer base.

Insight provides a low barrier to entry into the VoIP services market and is available as either co-branded or fully branded versions.

Each application module includes a fully branded user web portal which provides up-to-the-minute information for partners’ customers.

Insight provides channel partners with a unique pricing model, based on system usage.

Partners are additionally given the capability to terminate minutes with their own carriers, making Insight one of the most cost-effective VoIP solution on the market.

Insight’s multi-tenant capability will enable partners to cater for a diverse customer base.

The portal is built on a modular infrastructure which enables partners to select feature modules that complement their business.

Application module offerings include a broadband telephony module, a hosted telephony module, a calling card module, a call shop module and a hospitality management module.

Telappliant is offering a variety of business support packages for its Insight offering, ranging from office hours to 24/7 support services.

For service provider partners Telappliant is also able to offer white label solutions based on its diverse portfolio of offerings.


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