Sussex Research invests in ipadio

October 14, 2017

Sussex Research Limited has made a strategic investment in ipadio Limited, the pioneer of live audio to web.

Ipadio’s technology, which allows anyone to use any phone to broadcast live to the web or company intranet, has been eagerly adopted, with the company’s client base growing quickly.

The new investment will help the company with further expansion and with developing its offer to internal communications practitioners.

Ipadio is used by a diverse range of organisations, from bloggers to government, and is usually free to the general public, depending on call package.

The company recently tweaked its Facebook App, which updates a user’s profile when they post a new phlog (phone blog).

Rather than simply posting a link, the app can now be set to post an ipadio player to a news feed, allowing contacts to listen to phlogs from within Facebook itself.


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