Pipex launches enhanced upstream business broadband

March 3, 2017

Pipex, the business-to-business arm of broadband provider Tiscali, yesterday launched a new service for SMEs that requires a faster upstream connection.

The new Enhanced Upstream service allows faster and more robust uploading.

Upload speed on the service runs at up to 2.5Mbps, around six times faster than standard ADSL-based business broadband.

Download speed is up to 16Mbps.

Businesses using the service can run multiple online services simulataneously, including voice over IP (VoIP), video conferencing, and online business applications.

Lance Spencer, Product and Marketing Director for Pipex, said: “Download speed alone is not necessarily a critical performance factor for businesses.

“Small businesses providing professional services such as new media, design, architecture or technology will be liberated by enhanced and assured upstream.”

The service is available from £19.50 per month, excluding VAT.

Guaranteed upload and download bandwidth of 1Mbps is available for £49 per month.

Customers signing up for the new service must be on an ADSL2+ enabled exchange.


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