ERF taps well of wireless oil business

August 11, 2016

ERF Wireless is well known as a wireless broadband products and services provider that has traditionally focused on wireless broadband, network integration, triple-play FTTH, IPTV and content delivery business to commercial outlets, many different kinds of businesses and residential use.

Now ERF sees what it believes to be a huge hole in a huge market, the Oil & Gas industry.

With the cost of oil floating around $150 a barrel and gas prices increasing at a similar rate, oil companies are moving to more and more remote locations to look for reserves.

They are taking advantage of the high price to build new facilities in very remote land based regions such as Siberia, and they are also pushing further out to sea, on rigs that are hundreds of miles from the nearest “civilisation”

The pressure on the operators is to gather together huge amounts of geological and other scientific data and send it back “home” to be analysed.

If their communications are poor, or fail because of weather or other factors, the costs of waiting around for results can be astronomical in terms of manpower and equipment time.

ERF has set up a new division which believes that they can tackle the problem and give these mega rich oil and gas companies what they want – big, fast and reliable bandwidth that can get the information back to their base without interruption.

They already have their toes firmly in the oily waters, supplying services to those industries in Texas, New Mexico and Louisiana.

ERF consider there is a lot more where that came from and that is why they have now set up this separate division to get their teeth firmly into this market, with the Oil and Gas Services Division headed up by John Nagel who was already running that part of the company’s operations.

He says that “Producers worldwide are being driven to improve returns from their existing reserve assets. Their need to recover more oil and gas from existing reservoirs in regions like West Texas has never been more imperative. And, when fields are being explored, large amounts of geophysical data must be quickly analyzed by experts back at the main office. The specialised products and services provided by our Oil and Gas Services Division can provide a communication pipeline large enough to accommodate those massive data feeds and do it at a tremendous savings to the exploration company when compared to the same bandwidth over satellite”.

In theory at least this sounds like a “no brainer”.

The oil companies have the money, and they need the services. If ERF can meet their needs, then that particular well may make a lot of money before it dries up.

About ERF Oil and Gas Services

ERF Oil and Gas Services is a provider of wireless broadband connectivity and mobile bandwidth solutions for the oil and gas industry.

The company and its principals have extensive experience in wireless broadband network design, integration and implementation, and have been active in the telecommunications, ISP and broadband technology industries for more than 45 years.

About ERF Wireless

ERF Wireless Inc. is located in League City, Texas, and is the parent company of ERF Oil and Gas Services.

The company specialises in providing wireless and broadband product and service solutions to enterprise, commercial and residential clients on a regional, national and international basis.

Its principals have been in the wireless broadband, network integration, triple-play FTTH, IPTV and content delivery business for more than 40 years.


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