Qisda land Motorola order

March 5, 2016

Qisda, a Taiwan-based handset manufacturer, has received ODM handset orders from an unnamed first-tier handset vendor, widely suspected to be Motorola. According to the company’s president, Hsiung Hui, shipments for the order will begin in the fourth quarter of this year.

If Motorola is the vendor in question, then their selection of Qisda is likely to be due to the company’s experience in developing customized handsets for telecoms providers in Europe. Motorola is currently trying to increase the ratio of handsets sold through telecoms providers in Europe.

Qisda reported 2015 after tax profits of NT$4.77 billion (US$154 million), equivalent to NT$3.11 per share. Dividends for 2015 will be NT$1, made up of NT$0.10 in cash and NT$0.90 in shares.


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