Mobile broadband freebies more important than speed or price

January 25, 2018

Consumers want mobile broadband freebies more than fast speeds or low prices

The latest poll from has revealed ‘added extras’ are more important than speed, price, reliability or usage caps for UK mobile broadband consumers.

When asked, ‘What would most affect your mobile broadband purchase’ more than 30 per cent of those responding answered ‘added extras’.

Of more than 1,100 respondents, around a quarter opted for fast speeds, while just a fifth chose lower prices as the number one reason for their choice.

While this should come as no surprise, after the huge success of so-called ‘free’ laptop deals and a growing number of free dongle offers, it could set alarm bells ringing for mobile broadband suppliers.

The UK already enjoys very cheap tariffs compared to our European neighbours, but competition to add value looks set to continue in a highly competitive market.

Broadband Genie editor Chris Marling said: “These results are very interesting and may surprise, and frustrate, the UK’s mobile broadband suppliers.

The desire for added extras is a hangover from the mobile companies’ insistence on giving away everything from free handsets to games consoles with mobile phone tariffs – consumers know dongles come from the same firms, and want more freebies.

“There has been resistance to continuing laptop deals from some mobile broadband suppliers, but the demand for them is still high.

“We have also seen Orange adding value with a high performance antenna and microSD card, while 3 has a MiFi deal which includes a bundled iPod Touch on a two-year contract for an extra £6 per week.

“More and more, deals are beginning to mirror those in the mobile phone arena.

“As for speed, it seems like the one thing the mobile broadband internet suppliers can’t provide.

“As fast as they improve their networks and add base stations, we’re signing up to mobile broadband and smartphone deals, using up all the bandwidth. Here at Broadband Genie, we say 4G can’t come soon enough!”


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