VoIP software developed for iPhone

September 5, 2016

New software for the iPhone means that users of the Apple handset will be able to make calls using voice over internet protocol (VoIP).

Belgium-based Namando Telecom, who designed the software, say the VoIP application could save iPhone users up to 80% on call costs.

Calls to other mobiles on the VoIP service cost from just €0.025 per minute, whilst calls to other Namando users are free.

Mobile operators concerned that VoIP could put them out of business need not worry too much – calls made using VoIP will still incur data usage charges, and Namando is not yet able to provide users with a static telephone number, so money can still be made from calls into the phone.

However, analysts believe that it is only a matter of time before mobile operators are forced to embrace VoIP for themselves rather than seeing it as a competitive threat.

Mobile network 3 already offers VoIP service Skype on some of its phones, allowing customers to make free VoIP calls for a monthly fee.


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