Prysmian’s new CasalightTM Plus

May 14, 2016

Prysmian, the Milan based company, have announced their new increased performance bend insensitive fibre they have christened CasaLightTM Plus, which makes it the son of 2015’s ITU G657 compliant CasaLightTM.

This new fibre has an enhanced design aimed at exceeding G657.B recommendations by further reducing the minimum working bend radius.

CasaLightTM will continue to be used as the standard fibre for FTTH applications, CasaLightTM Plus will be utilized for extreme bend situations.

CasaLightTM Plus is fully compliant with standard equipment, connectors and any fibre that has already been installed to ITU Recommendation G 652.

Prysmian has produced the new fibre with an environmentally friendly fluorine free production process.

CasaLightTM Plus optical fibre is now available in all of Prysmian’s range of FTTH cable products.

Prysmian, Details

The Prysmian Group is a company operating globally in the fields of cables and systems for energy and telecommunication. Sales exceeded $7.7 billion for 2006.

It operates in two sectors Energy Cables & Systems (submarine and underground cables for power transmission) as well as Telecom Cables & Systems (optical cables and fibres and copper cables for video, data and voice transmission).

They operate in 36 countries, with 12,000 employees.


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