3 offers free Skype calls

June 16, 2017

Soon Skype customers who use 3 UK will be able to purchase a new contact agreement, titled the SIM Zero contract that will allow them to make Skype phone calls to other Skype users, instant messages, and unlimited voice mail and Windows Live messenger for free.

The contract lasts for thirty days at a time and does not require that any additional payment be made on the contract plan.

Outside of the contracts free items, phone calls will be charged 20p per minute and 10p a minute for texts if they are via the Skype services which is probably how the company can afford to offer the previously mentioned services for free.

This is one of 3 UK’s first quintessential ‘pay as you go’ plans which would be ideal for someone who does not need to make non-VoIP phone calls on a regular basis and does not rely on text messaging services.

Additionally, any 3G phone should be compatible with the new contracts and there are additional plans that for an extra £9 would offer 100 minutes of time as part of the bundle, or a mix of minutes and text messages depending on what your individual needs are.

Of course, in order to use the Sim Zero plan you will have to purchase an unlocked mobile phone, but there are cheap offerings to counter the expense of a high ticket 3G mobile if you want to keep your spending at a minimum and your savings at the maximum.


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